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Build Peterborough has a team of plumbers who are available 24/7 for emergency repairs as well as for construction and fitting. Come to us if need our services, any time of day or night.

We can come to your home within 50 miles of Peterborough. The areas of Peterborough (PE1) we cover are: Bretton (PE3), Orton (PE2), Deeping (PE6), Bourne (PE10), Stamford (PE9), Spalding (PE12), St Neots (PE19), Huntingdon (PE28), Oakham (LE15), Uppingham (LE15).


There are some jobs that you can do yourself with trial and error, though most you should leave to a fully qualified and experienced plumber. The jobs that can be done by the inexperienced person are very few indeed, and it may well be advisable to pay someone to do the job instead. Here are two examples where you might do it yourself.

– Unblocking drains

For minor blockages it may well save time and money to pay for a good drain unblocker chemical treatment from your local DIY store or supermarket. Thick bleach is good too!

Do consider the old fashioned plunger, that can cost £5 from your DIY store. Fill the sink with water and squeeze the plunger down over the drain, before pushing and pulling the plunger until it breaks the blockage.

Where this fails, give us a call.

– Replacing drainage pipes. This requires considerably more skill than it appears. You’ll need to measure the pipe system you are replacing carefully, and then use a push fit set of pipes to replace the old ones.

It is important to note that push fit drainage pipes and solvent weld drainage pipes are of a different diameter. If it appears that the system is solvent weld then it would be better to speak to an expert to get them to do it as there is nothing worse than messing up and your sink draining onto the floor!


The first thing you should do where a water supply pipe is leaking is to stop the water flow. There will be stop taps around your home, with one close to where the water comes into the house from the outside and another near the hot water tank at the very least. If your boiler is leaking water, there will be a tap near that as well which you can turn off, stopping water from getting into the boiler.

Additionally there will be taps where your washing machine, dishwasher, electric shower and water taps connect to the supply – turn the appropriate ones off as soon as possible before calling us. This will minimise the damage to your home while we are on our way to help.

Build Peterborough’s plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Give us a call now if you need help and our team will get someone to your home or site as quickly as possible.

Our plumbers deal with all problems, from leaking water pipes and broken taps to blocked internal and external drains.

Did you know that some of the supply and drainage pipes under your home belong to you and not the water supply company? If these break then the water supply company may refuse to act. It may help for you to call us in the first instance to assess the situation.

First fix or second fix?

There is some building terminology that not everyone understands. When you are building a new home, adding an extension or converting a loft you will have two visits from the plumbers. The first fix will be where pipes to and from the area where your appliances or washing area will be, where the second fix will be attaching the appliance or washing area to the pipes laid in the first fix.

In most cases you will be coming to us to discuss second fix plumbing – fitting – so let’s look at second fix first before the first fix in the next section.


‘Second fix’ plumbing generally involves fitting appliances, sinks, baths, showers and taps to your supply and drainage systems. With the exception of connecting a washing machine or dishwasher to pre-fitted supply and drainage systems (though we help with these too!) it is always advisable to get an expert to help.

Our plumbers can help with a range of second fix jobs – fitting appliances to the water supply and drainage systems. Let’s look at times when you may wish to give us a call to get your appliances fitted:

– Fitting a new boiler.

Modern boilers run at 99% efficiency – that is to say, 99% of the heat generated goes into your water supply. Boilers made even 10 years ago have nothing like the same efficiency and with the costs of energy spiralling ever higher, it may well be worth your investment to buy a new one as it could pay for itself in energy savings relative to the costs of your old one in only a few years.

Older hot water and heating systems will run on a lower pressure than newer systems. In addition to the boiler you may wish to rip out your entire heating pipe system and add in a new hot water tank to get the greatest efficiency. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.

– Taps, sinks, baths and showers.

Taps are becoming ever more decorative and there is nothing worse than a beautiful thing fitted in an ugly way! If you are going to spend the extra money replacing taps for how they look, it pays to have an expert fit them.

Sinks, showers and baths will require a lot more expertise. Drainage has to be fitted in a certain way so there are no issues with drains gurgling or backing up. Properly fitted and to a high standard your bath or shower will give you no problems for many years to come!

– Appliances.

Whether a built in coffee machine, boiling water tap or dishwasher, the odds are that the first fix system will not have allowed for these in an older home. Plumbers will be able to fit these into your water system and install the drainage professionally and quickly.

– Underfloor heating.

This is the most efficient way to warm you home. Warm air rises, and the heat is transmitted directly into the room from the middle as opposed to from the edges where the radiators would be. It requires a lot less heat to achieve the same effect too – a warm to the touch floor will heat the room just as effectively as a very hot radiator. Underfloor heating can save you hundreds of pounds annually in heating bills. It does require a lot of upheaval in that the whole floor needs to be completely cleared and pipes laid down, but once in place will not need to be touched again for 20 years or more. Retrofit kits can be fitted to existing radiator connections – ask us for more information and we can help you with this.

Whatever your second fix plumbing needs, give us a call now to discuss your needs and we will send someone round to give you a quotation.

First fix

First fix is often seen to be where the newly built house is watertight and trades can come in to fit electricity, plumbing and decorate the place. First fix in the case of plumbing involves routing drainage and water supply into the appropriate rooms, and is usually fitted at a very early stage in the construction of the home.

There are a lot of times when first fix needs to be done long after the home is built too:

– With so many older homes having their family bathrooms downstairs a lot of people are converting a bedroom into a bathroom for convenience at night. Where there is a bathroom upstairs already you may wish for a toilet downstairs, perhaps under the stairs?

– Another example where first fix may be done long after the home is built is where there is a loft conversion that includes an en suite bathroom.

– Finally you may have an extension built to your home where you’re planning a new kitchen and or bathroom in the new space.

In these instances you will have a first fix plumbing phase before the appliances, sinks, drainage and taps are fitted in the second fix.

Give us a call today!

Build Peterborough can meet all of your plumbing needs, from first fix to second fix, refurbishments and extensions to emergency repairs at unexpected moments. Call us today to discuss your requirements and we will send someone round

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