Office Refit For INK Media in Stamford

How best to redecorate your office without spending too much…

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Moving into a new place and want to make it your own? Fed up of the Artex wallpaper / ceilings and want a fresh décor at home? It may be time to give the place a lick of paint and redecorate.

Redecoration isn’t the hardest job and you don’t always need to pay someone to do it for you (though they can often do it to a higher standard and much more quickly). With a little thought and care most people can do it themselves with just a few weekends of disruption. Here are five things to consider before jumping in and redecorating your office.

Points to consider

  1. Wallpaper or paint?Wallpaper costs more than paint but is harder wearing. For high traffic areas, consider the extra investment in wallpaper as you won’t have to redecorate so often.Wallpaper can be used for a feature wall too, with patterns on the wall you could never match with paint.
  1. Be clear as to the colour schemeIf painting, paint a 0.5 square metre square on each wall with a tester pot of paint. This will give you an idea as to how the colour looks over a few days in different lights. In doing this you can make an informed choice as to the colour scheme.The same applies to wallpaper – get a swatch of each wallpaper and put it on the wall with masking tape to see how it appears in different lights.
  1. Don’t use the cheapest materialsAs with everything in life, with decoration you get what you pay for. The bargain basement £2.99 roller won’t do as good a job as one that costs £7. The same applies to paints and wallpapers – think along the lines of quality.
  1. PreparationPreparation is key to doing a good job. Move all furniture at least 0.5 metres from the walls you are doing, and use old sheets or polythene covers to protect it.Do you really need lining paper? In most cases you don’t.With regard painting, sand down the layer of paint so there are no obvious chips or bubbles. Mask up anything such as skirting boards and electric fittings before painting. Use an undercoat to neutralise any strong colours of the old surface coat.
  1. Hang or paint!At this stage you can go about making your office your home!

The take away

With these tips and tricks you should be able to transform your office to the colour scheme and décor that looks professionally done and should last you many years to come.