Glaziers In Peterborough

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Whether installing glass in windows and doors to make a new extension or building weathertight, putting a cat flap in an existing window or door, or repairing a broken window, there are a number of reasons you may need a glazier in Peterborough.


As with so many trades the job looks doable but is in fact beyond the abilities of all but the most determined of DIYer. Even if you did manage to do it yourself, it could take so much time and cost in lost panes that you could get in a professional glazier to do it more cheaply and quickly. While a highly skilled job, glazing is one of the lowest cost trades in terms of hourly rate (though glass technology has advanced so far that this can balance the overall cost out).

Glaziers gain their skills through hands on apprenticeships. They will generally have very good maths GCSEs so they can quickly measure and cut the glass to within high tolerances. On beginning an apprenticeship they will work in the workshop and develop their skills from cutting offcuts until their supervisor lets them loose on a paid contract. This tends to be when they are expert enough to cut the glass first time every time, as the materials are often so expensive that getting the job wrong can be very costly indeed.

Unlike many other trades you will hardly ever find a self-employed glazier. They are almost always employed by a company such as ourselves. Our expert team has worked with every type of glass used on domestic residences and undertake updating training when a new technology hits the market.

Drop us a line and we will happily discuss your requirements. Our glaziers in Peterborough can work at a radius of 50 miles from Peterborough. Areas outside Peterborough (PE1) covered: Bretton (PE3), Orton PE2), Deeping (PE6), Bourne (PE10), Stamford (PE9), Spalding (PE12), St Neots (PE19), Huntingdon (PE28), Oakham (LE15), Uppingham (LE15).

Let’s look at the jobs that the glazier will commonly do for your home.

Home repairs

No matter how much our world has evolved, children have changed little over the last thousand years. Give them a ball in a street and they will inevitably bounce it off a wall, and it isn’t unknown for them to put it through a window!

Replacing broken panes of glass is the bread and butter of a glazier’s daily work. Our glaziers in Peterborough can work on any glass that is broken, to include annealed glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, coated glass and extra clear glass. All of these forms of glass have different properties that can dictate how the job is done and the overall cost involved.

Where we need to replace a broken pane, we will remove the broken glass and beading, and fit a pane that we will have measured and cut before coming to site. Our glaziers will then put the new pane in and bead it so it sits tightly and neatly in the frame.

Home modifications

Our glaziers in Peterborough are the people you should call if you want to put a hole in your window for a cat flap, or to make other modifications to your pane of glass.

The first thing to say in this section, is do not use the circular glass cutters you can buy cheaply online! They are sold to gullible customers who believe that they can easily cut a circular hole in the glass so they can fit a cat flap in. This is not at all the case. A glazier will use a diamond tipped cutting tool to do the same job as people wrongly believe they can do using a cheap metal pointed cutting tool. Don’t buy into this as with toughened glass you will at best score an unsightly line on the glass itself and at worse shatter the glass and potentially cause yourself an injury.

In this case, we strongly recommend you pay a glazier to do the job of installing a cat flap in the window for the simple reason that even if you have shelled out £££ for the glass cutter you bought online you will in most cases need us anyway to repair the job you bodged in the first place.

Our glaziers in Peterborough are competitively priced and can install a cat flap or other opening in the pane far more quickly and for far less than most DIY jobs.


Our team of glaziers in Peterborough do a great deal of construction work too. Whether fitting glass in standard widow and door frames or for more demanding tasks such as bespoke double glazing for homes in Conservation Areas you can rely on our glaziers to do the job you need in the time frame you require and at a cost that will make you smile.

Installing windows and doors is usually done during the construction process when the roof is on and walls are up to make the building weather tight for the dry trades to come in to install things such as wiring and plasterwork. We know that this is an important phase of the construction project and can make or break the building both in looks and in sealing it from the elements.

Most of our glazing construction work is done in the workshop. Here we will cut the glass to size, fit the glass into the frames and bead them. Our team will then install the unit in the hole in the wall, and seal it.

Things to consider before asking for a glazier

Glass is a very important construction material as it is the only way to let natural light into the home without the elements getting inside! However, you get what you pay for in this world. Have a look at some of the technologies we can install in your home below:

With regard doors, where you have a tight budget, consider whether you want glass from top to bottom of an outside door as only glazing the top half for example could save you a lot of money.

There are a number of new technologies in glass that while adding to the cost of the window or door, can save you money in the long term. Low emissivity (low-e) glass prevents heat from escaping through the glass, allowing for a cooler south facing window or one that doesn’t conduct heat from within the building to the outside. It costs a lot more to install but can start paying for itself very quickly due to its energy saving benefits.

A number of newer double or triple glazing products incorporate a vacuum or low energy conducting gases between the panes. These again can save you money in the long term after an added extra cost of installation.

Laminated and toughened glass is very good for adding security to the home and laminated glass has the added benefit of being shatterproof.

Frosted, patterned and coloured glass are very good for privacy and add a little style to your home.

Our Peterborough glaziers can help you with making the right choice for your home and installing the product, no matter the technology you seek. Our team of experts are some of the best in Peterborough and with our many years of expertise can help you with the finish you desire at a price point that you can’t refuse! Call us or email us today to discuss your needs.