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When people think of carpenters coming to help build a home they often think of a beautiful timber framed home, such as the one built on the Channel 4 TV series Grand Designs in the video above. Though our carpenters are extremely good at their jobs, most can only dream of being let loose on such a unique project!

You may be surprised to know that carpentry and joinery is behind most of the walls, floors, roofs and fittings in your home. From work on the foundations, floor braces in your ground floor to the apex of your roof, our carpenters and joiners will have had some sort of input from the bottom to the very top of your construction, attic conversion or extension.

Build Peterborough’s carpenters and joiners can help you with your building project within a 50 mile radius of the PE1 postcode. Areas covered include: Bretton (PE3), Orton (PE2), Deeping (PE6), Bourne (PE10), Stamford (PE9), Spalding (PE12), St Neots (PE19), Huntingdon (PE28), Oakham (LE15), Uppingham (LE15).

Let’s look at the different parts of your home where the carpenter or joiner will be involved.


As with plumbers and many other trades, we don’t just get called in to help people with their grand designs! Build Peterborough’s carpenters can do repairs to your home too. Accidents happen in a busy home, and repairs made by the enthusiastic DIYer can result in glaringly obvious problems. Call us now to tell us what you need doing and we will arrange to get the problem resolved quickly and invisibly, and in such a way that no one else needs to know what happened!

Outdoor decking and gardens

Gardens have become a statement of style for homeowners. Decking outside, if properly done can ensure that you can enjoy the outdoors in privacy with minimal annual maintenance beyond painting or oiling every few years.

Fencing can be installed cheaply and quickly too. We also help people construct their outbuildings, sheds and summerhouses. With our expertise you can have a well constructed and permanent addition to your yard or garden that will add to the peace and quiet of your outdoor space.


Have you thought of buying your kitchen direct from the manufacturer and paying someone else to fit it? This can reduce the overall costs of installing a new kitchen, by cutting out the ‘cost of luxury’ that many kitchen companies would charge on top of their actual labour costs. Our expert carpenters can install a new kitchen in only a few days, whether you wish to rip out your old one and install one in the same space, have built an extension – or even in a new build home.

Drop us a line today and we can help you measure up your space. We have a network of suppliers who can give you a good rate on a new kitchen, and we will certainly compete with one you paid full price for from Ikea or B&Q.

Bespoke storage

Perhaps you have just moved into a new home with a converted loft that could do with some more storage space? Our team of carpenters and joiners can put together storage that suits your needs. Lofts are almost as unique as the people that live in them, and we can help you fit your world into the new space for a very reasonable price.

Now, to get a bit technical – the big jobs!

In most large scale refurbishments, extensions and new builds, the carpenters will be working on site within a few weeks of the construction beginning – or in loft conversions and timber framed homes, from the very start.

There are two phases to construction – the ‘first fix’ and ‘second fix’. The first fix is essentially the construction of the outer shell of the building. Walls, windows, floors, doors and roof all fit in within this phase, which is about sealing the home and allowing the other trades to install plumbing, electrics, plaster and decoration.

The second fix is about taking the dry home and making it the comfortable, liveable space that you will live in. For the carpenter this will mean fitting stud walls, doors and in some cases even built in storage and the kitchen.

What’s the difference between a carpenter and a joiner?

The joiner’s job is to make the frames and joints. As such they will rarely come to a site except to measure up, but you will see the carpenter whose job is to fit the wood together on site.

Attic conversions

Carpenters will be in from almost the very start of this project. They will strengthen and put the floors in place so it is safe for the other trades to come in and do their jobs. They will also work on the roof itself, whether framing the Velux window and installing it, or installing the dormer space so you have more headroom.

Unless you are planning an architectural glass or steel staircase, they will install and sometimes build it from scratch. Additionally the carpenter will install the stud walls and any boxing for plumbers to hide the pipes in

Finally, the carpenter will install doors, mouldings, and laminate flooring. Loft and attic spaces can have unusual shaped walls and ceilings at odd angles. Do consider asking us about fitting bespoke storage into your loft or attic as this could save you thousands of pounds in going to a company that designs and fits such furniture for you. Just because we could save you money does not mean that we compromise on quality in the least!


The carpenter will be on site almost from the start of this construction as well. They come on to site as soon as the ‘wet trades’ are finished – as soon as the exterior walls and foundations are in.

The carpenters will work on the roof, whether flat or pitched, and they will have to install the floors, external door and window frames, and any boxing for the plumber. This will be to get the space dry for the dry trades to come in, which will include the carpenters who have to fit so much more to the new space!

Once the first fix is complete, and the extension is dry from the elements the carpenter will come in to put up the internal stud walls, storage, internal doors, skirting boards and any laminate flooring or other external and decorative carpentry that is required.

One of the final jobs on site may well be the outside of the home. Have you considered having timber cladding for your home? These start out in the true colours of the wood and silver as the years go by, or can be painted to retain their appearance. Wooden cladding can help the home blend into their environment in a wooded area, and the cladding can last for up to 20 years without needing replacing. There is even factory processed wood products that last far longer!

Timber framed homes and extensions

Timber framed homes and extensions will often arrive as a kit. Our carpenters have many years of experience in putting together wooden frames and can quickly put them together. In such cases you will be surprised at how quickly the construction can go up – often in a matter of a few days. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs, and we will liaise with the company that is building the frame in their factory.

New builds

The carpenter will cover the roles described in the sections above, from beginning to end. As you can see, they are extremely busy and will be the people who turn your home from an empty shell into the place that you envisaged when you started out on the project.

One addition to everything above is the staircase. If you wish to have it carpeted in the classic way, the carpenter will come in fairly early on to fit this, so the other trades can get about in greater safety and ease. If you are fitting a staircase with architectural merit – perhaps a cantilevered, glass or steel one – this might be fitted much later in the project when the other trades are less likely to damage it. You should discuss with your contractor when this will go in, and as necessary how to protect it from muddy boots! 

Get in touch!

As you can see, Build Peterborough are full service builders who can provide the full range of carpentry and joinery to people wishing to refurbish, extend or build new within a 50 mile radius of the PE1 postcode. Call us now to discuss your needs, and we will be happy to help you turn your grand design into reality at a very competitive rate.

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