4 Cheap Ways To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home

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Each year more and more people are looking for ways to reduce their energy bills, one way of doing this is to improve the energy efficiency of your home. This page will look at things to consider when improving your home’s energy efficiency in Peterborough.

Can’t I do it myself?

Whilst some people may think that some of these are easy jobs, that is not always the case. These jobs require a lot of skill to do it right at a very high standard, getting it done right first time is something that even someone who does this occasionally will struggle to do without a lot of trial and error!

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Insulating your home

Sealing and insulating your home is one of, if not, the most effective way of making your home not only more comfortable but also energy efficient. A properly sealed home can improve comfort and air quality in your home whilst reducing bills.

On average you could save up to £240 a year on utility bills with a professionally insulated loft.

Upgrading your boiler

If you have an inefficient boiler you could be adding more than £200 to your utility bills, this could mean that upgrading your boiler can save you money in the long term. Boilers are rated on a scale of A to G, A being the most efficient and G being the least, if yours is at the low end of the scale then it might be worth considering an upgrade.

Upgrading a boiler is no small task, it is advised you only use professional plumbers for a job of this size.

Upgrading to efficient showerheads and toilets

Low-flow showerheads and toilets greatly reduce water consumption, in term saving you money on your utility bills. New showerheads can reduce your water consumption by up to 60% a year and new toilets up to 30% a year.

If you don’t already have a low-flow showerhead or toilet then get in contact today to discuss your needs, be it just installing a new showerhead/toilet or if you feel like it’s time for a change and want a completely new bathroom.

Monitor your energy usage

Do you realise how much energy you are wasting? Most likely not, investing in an energy monitor could help you save up to £110 a year, by being able to how much what energy you are using is costing you and cutting back.

Installing these monitors can be pretty simple, however if you are unsure than we have experts at hand that can help.